Entry Doors: The Most Valuable Home Improvement Project

It’s been said that the kitchen remodel is the number one home improvement project that should be considered by homeowners to maintain home value. While that is true in some cases, there is also big dollars associated with a kitchen remodel. The past few years it has been documented by multiple sources include realtor.com, bankrate.com and others that an upscale front entry door is, by far, the most valuable home improvement project you can invest in. The project expense overall is much less. To top it off, the amount of time of inconvenience for installation is limited to one day in most cases.  Just look at a great example of these before and after front entry remodels. These add true value and beauty to the home. All that being stated, WHEN IT COMES TO HOMES, YOU CAN JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!

beforeafter3 beforeafter2 beforeafter1

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