MAX Iron Doors

MAX Visibility – Door and windows system is constructed of 2 1/2 inch iron rails and 1 1/2 inch horizontal bars that offer structural rigidity to encase the heavy double pane glass. The streamlined iron offers rigidity to the door and window system which is important to span large walls in order to maximize the visibility from inside the home looking outward.

MAX Energy Efficiency – Guardian ClimaGuard Low E 55/27 glass offers industry best energy efficiency. Since the door and window system is primarily constructed of glass this becomes important to your energy bills. Energy specifications shown here are will keep you comfortable in the home while minimizing your monthly energy bills.

MAX Security – Constructed of 14 Guage Steel; the jambs and rails of the door system encase the door hardware. Security deadbolts are engaged into the iron jamb which makes it nearly impossible to penetrate. Additionally, the door and window system offer strength and rigidity that allows heavy double pane glass options that offer a higher level of security to the homeowner or business.

MAX Value – MAX Iron Doors and Windows fit seamlessly into the new trends of transitional architecture for new construction. Additionally, homeowners are investing in their existing homes with new outdoor living spaces. MAX Iron Doors and Windows address the view and access to those outdoor living spaces. With the combination of durable materials; the simplistic beauty of steel and glass will add value to the home for years to come.