Adooring Designs – Iron Door Care & Maintenance

IRON DOOR MAINTENANCE: The iron door should be cleaned using WD-40 sprayed directly on the metal surface and wiped off with a soft sponge.  The hinges may be greased or sprayed with WD-40. To clean glass, unlock glass thumb latches and clean with common glass cleaner.  When the glass frame is open, be sure to check the rubber weather seal to ensure all is in good condition and seated properly to the iron door.  BE SURE TO CLOSE GLASS LATCHES ALL THE WAY NOT TO ALLOW WATER TO PENETRATE WEATHERSEAL. If you have any daylight evident under the door you may need to raise the adjustable threshold using a Phillips screwdriver.  Turn the screws counterclockwise to raise the threshold and clockwise to lower the threshold.  If your iron door has a commercial closer then obtain wrench to make adjustments to the closer.  Season changes often bring different wind directions, therefore it is recommended to check door speed and automatic closers as necessary.